Saturday, July 2, 2011

Winter Fruit Trees

Merristem has been propagating some amazing and hard to find fruit trees this year, great for edible plant nerds, stoic defenders of genetic diversity, and anyone around Melbourne who wants to eat some really tasty fruit! Growing out these trees also means you can contribute cuttings later on - so over time they can become more widely available in our region.

When : 2-4pm Sunday, 17th July
Where: Merristem - 38 Harrison st Brunswick. 

You can bring your own cuttings to exchange for trees! there are more details on what we need and how to take the cuttings further down.


Pricing, as usual, is by donations or exchange, kinda like Lentil as Anything curries. So consider how much trees are in nurseries, but also what you can afford.

We bundled fig cuttings on the train from South Australia last winter, including: Excel, Celeste, White Adriatic, Deanna, Preston Prolific, Persian Prolific, Sugar Condria, Vardoulis, Tena, Suprise, Tony's, Zida and Flanders.

We now have ten varaieties of Pommegranite and hopefully getting more this winter. We have available Wonderfull, Veles, Elche and others...

Well not really, due to a cheeky mouse who ringbarked our entire stock!! But you can grab some 'Hicks Fancy' that might re-shoot, though they're not pretty. We'll put it down as a learning experience. Anyone got a spare cat?

Red Cherry Guava
Black Currants
Medlar - 'Dutch' culivar grafted on Quince. Tasty weird fruit!
Vitex agnus-castus (chaste tree, a medicinal)
Ginko biloba
And more...

Some of these are we have good quantities, but others we could only propagate a few.... So taking home the rare ones comes with a challenge to return healthy cuttings for others in coming years. Anyone up for it?

Cuttings to Exchange

For a solid bundle of named cuttings we can exchange a rooted tree you can plant. How good is that?

Cuttings should be at least 30cm long, taken from fat, healthy young growth. 20 is a good amount. Yes, thats 20! less if it's all you have, but remember they won't all take root.

We are looking for named varieties of:
Pommegranites - Any except 'Wonderful'
Currants - Smaller quantities are ok
Mulberries - Any except 'Hicks Fancy' or 'Black English'
Kiwi/Hardy Kiwi
Hops -  Any good roots with buds on them.
Rasberries or Thornless Blackberries - Divisions. Just dig up some suckers or rooted blackberry tips and bring them in (10 is a good quantity)

Mail us if you have any questions. Hope to see you on the day!

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